Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Best of July

 Can't beileve the 7th month off 2013 is already over and done with already. The months just seem to be going quick and decided to sit here and reflect on everything that has happened this month. Usually, I think I've wasted a whole month doing nothing so this way, I will be able to reflect on everything that has actually happened this month along with my favourite products off the month if there was any.

Firstly, there was my prom. The most exciting event that has happened this month. Honestly could off been done with the amazing teachers who organsied it all and was such a great night. If you want to hear more about my prom: dress, hair, few photos then click here and it will take you to my other post about everything.

Photo with my brother on arrival.
With my best friend since we were 5 year old.

While in England, there has actually been some hot weather. Few days were even hotter then Ibiza and Spain therefore I thought off enjoying the weather while doing something productive. I live near lots of farm and walking routes therefore I decided to do some walking along these marked out walking routes(no jumping over fences to private land) and had a good stroll down the lanes, enjoying the sun. Prewarning, don't forget a water bottle, finished 4 miles walking and water was needed.

While my favourite drink is 7 up Cherry! This has to be the best drink out off all the brands off cherry, this has the right cherry taste to it. I can't stop drinking it and only seem to find it in Tesco, so everyone who is a lover off cherry drinks needs to get this!
Lastly, I've decided to try and ombre my hair. Big shock to my hair, since I'm such a safe girl who doesn't dare to do anything to different with my hair. This was the first try with Live Salon Style in shade 9-5 which is frozen pear blonde. My hair was literally the same colour as my shirt so in one go it changed my hair to a light brown/ginger colour. Cant wait for it to all to go blonde!(Sorry for the most unflattering photo)

Lastly, my favourite bloggers on this month. Of course I am loving the big bloggers like Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and Tanya Burr. However the top two who are little less known are HeyyyJune and The Lovecats Inc. Their blogs are so good so go and check them both out! Well that's the best off this month, that's it for this month. 

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Suffering From Prom Blues

The other day, I had my prom and now I'm suffering from the prom blues. The night was amazing, seeing friends again, seeing my teachers, everyone suited up and dressed up and being together as one again for the last time ever.

Everyone needs to go to their prom, it is one off the most amazing things ever. Specially if you have teachers like mine who spent endless hours planning my prom and the night was perfect. The dress I wore, which you may have seen before, was from vponsale dresses. The dress was custom to my size and lasted the whole night without falling down or needed to be adjusted. So lucky there wasn't any bits that were not meant to be seen or unattractive dress pulling. The clutch was from a haul before, from dorothy perkins.

Didn't know what was on the floor but full view off my dress. 
Arriving at front I was faced with a photographer shouting stuff which I really didn't hear but was a good photographer. Took some good photos off the whole event. While my actually prom was amazing, there was dancing, awards that the year voted for and a few tipsy teachers at the end off the night. The teachers were shocked about how the year was so dressed up and grown up as they were used to use in our uniforms. Even got a kisses off my teachers on the cheek like I proper adult, never felt so grown up. So overall, prom was an experience I will never forget and something everyone should go too. I wasn't even planning on going to my prom, so glad I did in the end and encourage everyone to go to theirs. It is something you won't ever forget so matter what. Going to leave you with some photos from my night.

The photographer was Frank Henshall Photograhy. A photo with my close friends and the only one from the proper photographer. All the rest off the photos are from a friend in the year below me who was invited to my prom to take photographs. I prefer her photos then too the professional.

With my best friend Harry, the only photo we have together where we are not laughing or pulling silly faces. 
With the girls just before we went into the hall.
With my best friend since we were 3 year old, having a little dance off with Harry and Lewis. 
With my best friend Lewis near the end off the night.
I was smiling while laughing, Harry and Lewis said something funny and pulled their serious faces. 
Just before me and Kirsty left to go, about the 40 photo mum took. 
All the photos are taken from my friend in the year below, how amazing is her photography skills? Apart from two photos which you can tell from the quality. Everyone needs to go to their prom, it's a day off pampering, dressing up and a night you won't ever forget. Hope you liked looking through some off my photos and if you have any questions, just ask me. Happy to answer. If it's your prom soon, hope you have a great day!

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Highstreet Summer Inspiration

Finally it is starting to get to the summer weather and you may be stuck for what to wear. Maybe you just want to try something new and different. I have done four different styles from four different highstreet shops. Everything can be brought from their shops or online. Hope these give you a few more ideas off what to do this summer, it's been awhile since there has been any sun in the UK.

The first one is from Next It's a casual day time look but like a shopping day out or even a beach look
 The second look is more off a festival look or a sporty day out look. All the items are from  New Look and all more a comfy clothings for jumping or running around in.
 The third look is from TopShop. The look more off a smart and casual look all together. The patterned shorts and bag give the look a more smart look while the baggy white cami and denim sleeveless top gives it the overall look a different look.
 While the last look is from River Island. It's a more summer look with the bright green maxi skirt but not too over the top by the simple coloured from the rest off the outfit. This is always good to way at day time or at night by adding a smart jacket to it.

Well that is the first outfits. Hope you liked them and got some ideas from them to help towards your summer clothes or even your holiday clothing. Leave me a little comment and follow me on bloglovin. Button is on the side! Along with my Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.