Friday, 31 May 2013

Cheeky Haul

So today, this happened! A shopping trip which lead to a big small on my face but a dent in my mum's bank account. It's all worth it to see me happy, I guess( well that's what I keep telling myself). 

I ended up just mainly buying from Primark, new look and Dorothy Perkins! 

So from Dorothy Perkins (, I got this cute little bow clutch. This bag is a goldish colour with a big glitter bow on the top, it's perfect for my prom! It's a good size, has a removable chain handle and it goes with the theme off my prom as well- bow ties and diamonds. This was in the sale as well, from £20 to £10. It was a good buy, I can see myself using this in the future for other event while I am just a lover off cute bows

The front view off the bag

The inside off the bag
Meanwhile from new look (, there was a big sale going on but I wasn't really liking anything apart from these jeans. The jeans were in the sale as well, costing only £11 from £22.99. The  jeans are super comfy, I'm wearing them now. The waist is a high one so there will be no builders' bums when you bend over. The colour is dark but has the acid wash look to it.
Jeans from newlook, sorry about unable to rotate the photo
While, the biggest shop for me was Primark. My gulity pleasure where if there is a sale they are super good but yet there products are still good, sometimes even better then other high street shops but yet a very reasonable price.

This skater skirt was only £8 while it comes with a little black belt. I'm most likely to change the belt and use maybe a little brown one. The skirts always look skirt but when I tried it on, it was a gold length! I'm not one of them girls who like half their bums out on show (people off England will understand what I mean). The texture off the skirt isn't just flat, it's like a waffer one. It's what to me, makes it better then the other high street shops skater skirts.
Skater skirt from Primark
Close up off the texture off the skirt.
While this top is a plain white top with little spikes on the sleeves. The cut for the arms are lower down like a bigger cut. Making it good for summer as it's must cooler and was in the sale for only £3. This was just a must buy for me, making a simple white vest top a little edge.
The nice little simple vest top with butterflies. A nice little vest top which is perfect for summer, it's nice and light. It's only £4 and there was a little black and white striped one but there wasn't one in my size (sad times)
A collar vest top! Yes, I do love tops with collars. This top is very  very see through! It's one that will need something underneath or you will be showing a bit too much. This was also in the sale, only £3 and it was just a must have for my collection.

A little close up on the collar.
Shoe time! I didn't really like any off the shoes really but I find these little cute flip-flops. There was a range of colours: nude(like mine), white, black and I think there was a few more. These are so cute and I do love bows and thought it will be good for this summer. Hopefully it will stay hot and sunny. 
Adorable flip-flops for £2.50 
Then finally, I stocked up on essentials that most girls will have and for some reason they always go missing or ended up being ripped. How does socks always end up go missing in the washing machine? The socks were only like £2 and the tights were £3 for 3 pairs which come in a range of different thickness.
Every girl's essentials
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Prom Hair and Prom Dress Review

Firstly, Ahhhhhh! I am leaving school in a matter of days and reality hasn't hit me yet that I am leaving school for good and won't be sitting in lessons with the people who I have spent the last five years with yet I still hate school and so excited to finally be leaving. High School has been the hardest five years off my life so any off you still in school, my thoughts are going to be with you! 

A few days, my prom dress that I ordered from came and I am in love with my dress so much, I feel like wearing it around the house everyday and all the time. My dress came packaged well, wrapped in a paper packaging with two other plastic packaging therefore it didn't get damaged on the way here so happy about that. The quality off the dress is very good and looked exactly like the website and the colour is what I want. The fitting is perfect as it was free to get the dress to my size like custom sizing and if you like, you can pick a colour from the range of choices they have on offer. Go and have a look on their website, there is like a discount going, free delivery and free custom sizing! What else is better than they eh? 

Full Length off my dress, sorry about rubbish camera quality too

Close up on the detail on the front which I love with the dress

So this is coming to the most important part to be now! what to do with my hair? As you can see my hair is long and I am planning to have my hair down as I always have my hair down and feel more comfortable with it down. Just because it's prom, doesn't mean to have to go out on a mad one and change everything about you! So here is some off my prom hair ideas but not sure which one to have done. Hopefully these will give you some eyes on what to do as well. 

So here on my hair prom ideas but if you got any, let me know! Pinterest and Tumblr is the website to look for ideas, they are just filled with loads off different hair styles: Up, Down, Half and Half, Straight, Curly. Go and have a look and I hope you all have a good prom!

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hows that year new resolution going?

It's the fifth month into 2013 and I bet the most of you have already forgot that new year's resolution that you set, which seemed to be years ago, on the 1st of January. Them new year's resolution off loosing weight, saving money up, spending less time at work and more with friends and family or to have a better work effort?

So how is your new years resolution going or have you just forgot about them already? Did you you just do it for a month and completely went back to your normal routine? Maybe you should think off a mid year resolution. Think off a new resolution for the summer or start back to your old one, you can do it and it's a challenge but when it's done you will feel so good on the last day off December when everyone having a cheeky little drink and cheering into the new year.

Mine was to read more and it's going pretty well, being a little slow when reading and having the stress of leaving school and 12 exams left to do and the biggest pile of last minute coursework, reading is calming me down loads and not really panicking like I thought I would be. I have brought my books from They are second hand books but most off my mine literally come good as new and you get 10% of your first order. If you ever need some books, buy it off there.

So give your self a mid year resolution, a summer resolution or give your old one another try and see how you go. 

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