Monday, 30 September 2013

Autumn Hair Ideas #AutumnBlogging

Hi guys! I'm hope you are all well, no illness i hope! Always how's school going if you are at school or college? I've been swamped with three assignments already which all need to be in at the end of this week, still haven't finished one. Anyway, I have a few hair ideas for the autumn. Since in Autumn, it's the weather where your hair is attacked by the wind and fog, here is some simple hair styles for you. So here is four really quick and simple hair ideas for you!

 My hair is very long, a tad ombre at the ends! I'm hoping to do it again to make it more noticeable but that day I had my hair straight but added a bit of a wave to my hair with the straighteners for volume and honestly, I don't like my hair completely straight. So here goes, you may need to change it a little bit depending on the lengths off your hair.

Firstly! The curly ponytail. Sorry I took this one today to round it up to four hairstyles and went college like this today. 

I had curly hair today but then it went really windy. It was crazy wind and my hair was just going everywhere. Therefore I put my hair up in a ponytail and I quite liked it. The curly hair makes it perfect for windy and fog weather as the curls loosed through the day, it looked like you styled it that way however when you have straight hair, your hair always seems to go wavy/curly.

Then there is the fish tail braid. I just look this look, specially as you don't need any hot tools unless you need to sort your fringe out or the little bits round the side.

If your hair got more then one colours, natural hair has different tones along with if you have ombred or got highlights, it looks nice as you are able to see the different tones. This is quick and simple plus it's a little different. This is really good if you want your hair out of your way without putting it up completely.

Thirdly, there is the half up, half down look. This is my favourite way to have my hair. Specially for wavy/curly hair, it's the best way to keep most of my hair away from my face but yet keeping down. 

If you got thick hair like me, you will know that bobby pins really do nothing at all in your hair. You need to get these little clips, they are amazing to keeping hold on your hair plus you can get them in different colours. They also help to give your hair a little volume, they are a must need for me!

Finally, the last hairstyle is just the classic doughnut style bun. This is good for rainy days, all your hair is tucked away neatly or tidy, up to you.

As you can see, i have a little ginger bun but this is a good way to give your casual look a smart look. I do this a few times if I'm going out, give it's a smarter and sleek look to your outfit. It looks like you have made more off an effort while you are still wearing your smart/casual outfit. 

That is it for now, hope you all liked it and if you got any more ideas, just let me know! I hope you all avoid the cold that is getting spread round! don't forget to follow me on GFC, bloglovin, twitter and everything else. Byeeee!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Graze Box #Autumn Blogging

Hi guys! Firstly I would like to say sorry that I have already been missed already. It's the thing I hate about Autumn and that is getting a cold. Currently, I have got the worst cold i've  ever had. Well to the point of the blog post, I've got my first Graze Box!

Graze is a website that send you healthy snacks straight to your house, it goes through your letter box so there is no need to wait and sign for it. You get a collection of four snacks and got to admit, it's a pretty good website! It goes straight to your house or even your work place. 

My Thai- This box is a collection of rice crackers, similar to snack a jacks and come with sweet chilly dipping sauce. This is so nice, this was my favourite out of the whole box!

Summer Pudding- This was yoghurt covered sunflower seeds, cranberries, these little things that tasted of cake and some nuts. This was quite nice, i really just ate the cranberries because they were so yummy!

Strawberry milkshake- This was a mix of raisins, dried fruits and a few white chocolate buttons. I basically ate all the white chocolate buttons and some of the dried fruit, it's not as good as I thought though. 

Energy Nuts- This was just a mixed of different nuts, the collection are meant to be really good for you as it was mix of different nuts which are good for your body. I got this for my mum because this is what she likes so if you like nuts, this one for you.

On the website, there is many more yummy snacks. If you want a free snack, use the code 'SHEENA8WP' for a free box. It says you have to sign up for a boxes like every two weeks or week. You say you do and after you get your free box, you just cancel it like I did. Then you get a free box still without signing up for box on box for weeks. Well that's it for now, cya guys!

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What I Love About Autumn #AutumnBlogging

Hey Guys! The first post of my big collection of posts. The first thing is what I love about Autumn/Fall. There is a massive list of different reasons why I just love the autumn season and here is a few of my reasons of why I just love it so much:

1. Hot Drinks! 
In summer you really just drink ice cold drinks and slushies to keep your self cool. However in the Autumn, it is all about the hot steamy drinks that you can have. I've already had two hot chocolates from Costa from my college and stocking up on my teas and hot chocolate powder in the house to get my through the colder season. Who just doesn't love a hot chocolate with a massive tower of whip cream topped with melting marshmallows. Just heaven!

2. The return of wooly and cosy clothing
This has got to be my main reason for why I love autumn so much. I'm the girl who loves their big jumpers, knitwear, layering clothes along with hats, gloves and scarves! As it slowly getting a lot cooler, the quick return of the warm clothing is back! I prefer to wear these clothes then crop tops and tiny shorts like other people.

3. The warm tones of colours
The leaves are turning crispy and the warmer tones of leaves start to fall. Overall I think outside just looks nice, blue skies with the cold air with leaves crunching below your feet. Ahhh, that is just the best to me, I love all these parts for sure. It's my favourite time to go for walks, it's always 10 times pretty outside to me in this season. 

4. The Holidays!
In this one season, there is Halloween, Bonfire night and my birthday! All of them events literally all happened in one week. Halloween on the 31st and my birthday on the 7th. What is not like to like about that, dressing up scary or watching scary movies and being able to crave your pumpkins. While you are able to watch the fireworks in the cold night with sparklers in the crisp cold airs. Then it's my birthday, birthdays are all sorts of fun!
The pumpkins from last year, mine is the middle one!
So these are all my favourites about Autumn! Let me know what yours are and any suggestion on what to do for Autumn Blogging! Don't forget to follow me on here, blogloving, twitter and everything else! Soon there will be an Autumn lookbook and a few bits and bobs. Going now, cya you all soon.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blogging all of Autumn

Hi guys! Firstly I would firstly like to apologise of the lack of posts recently, I have barely blogged anything at all. I've been really busy, settling into college and the last days of summer were crazy. Now that everything has settled down and not as crazy, I'm going to blog everyday of autumn.

Autumn is my favourite type of the year. Even though it's getting darker quicker and getting a lot colder, it's still my favourite time of year from all the woolly clothing comes back out and the warm tones of colours outside. So I'm going to try to blog everyday of autumn(until about the 1st December, even though until the 20th December it's still autumn). Even though there is about 3 people that actually do read my blog, I'm still going to do it. If you have any ideas or anything, just let me know because I know I'm going to run out. 

Well that is all for now, cya soon! Remember to follow my blog, instagram and all that stuff.