Friday, 6 June 2014

Blogger Help/Fashion Finding

Currently, I've been looking everywhere for this choker/necklace. I've seen this all over tumblr and pinterest(which if you don't follow, you really should) and I seriously can't find a place to purchase this necklace/choker. So I'm requesting help from the blogging community and everyone reading this if they know anywhere where I will be able to buy what I'm looking for.

It's mainly the crystal stone pendant necklace that I'm looking for, the one one both of the images above. Even the small one that is on both off the images aswell. I've been on a massive hunt to find them and I have no clue where to get them, I'm in desperate need off getting myself some of them. Help me anyone? Will be very appreciated.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Before I Go To Sleep- Book Review

Another book down and it's another good one. Recently, I've read Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson, it was a recommendation from my best friend. What a book it is, it's nothing that you will be expecting and the near the end of the story was a complete plot twist. 

The story is about a women who looses her memory after an accident and everyday she can't remember what happened to her or even remember the simplest things about her life like her husband. However, she ends up writing down everything that happens everyday and reads what happens to help figure who she is and what has happened. The story is thrilling and you honestly don't want to put the book down. Throughout the story, I had my suspections of who 'did it' but in the end, it was a complete shock and nothing that I expected. This is honestly a must read and you will thoroughly enjoy reading the book. 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Time to get ready for prom?

It's weird to think that nearly over a year ago, this was the point where I was starting to get ready for my prom! Prom is such a good school social event to go too, it's the first big dressy up event that we have in the UK, i think. I know in America, you kind of have homecoming and prom every year (I think, i'm not completely sure about that). However, prom is normally in the middle of the year but this is the time of year where you need to start organising everything really.

The dress

For girls, this is the biggie for the whole event. The dress, the dress that you are going to keep and see in every photo from the night. Therefore, you will need to make sure you pick a dress you definitely like. You can either go short or long, a range of different colours and style. Therefore, it needs to suit you while actually being a dress that you like as well. While there is the choice of a range of different materials to pick from as well.

dress from

dress from

Your Hair!?
Following up with your dress, your hair is kind of a big deal. You kind of have to decided if you want it up, down or half up/half down. The hairstyle will need to suit your dress, that may sound stupid i know. But what I want mean from this, that you may have long hair and beautiful detailing the back of your dress where if you had your hair down, you won't be able to see it. Therefore you may want to have it all up or even down but pushed to one side therefore still showing of your dress. While, it may be hard to find hair styles for your hair because of the length therefore here is some example of hair styles:  

What to do with your make up? Make-up is another thing to worry about. You can either get someone to do your make-up for you, a professional or a friend who is really good with your make-up or just do it yourself if you like. Other people may be more skilled and knows how to make everything look better but you may not like it. However doing it yourself, you can do everything exactly how you like but you might not have the skills which makes everything 'flawless'. With make-up, you can go in a number of different directions.

The natural look- Sometimes natural and simple is the best step to do. The effortless look can look it's best, the use of make-up to bring out your best features and give you more a flawless look. This can look stunning and effortless, specially at prom. Some people truly do go over board sometimes.

Heavy eyes- This looks consists of more make-up on the eyes. This can be winged eye liner and false eyeslashes or a smoky eye look. Most of the make-up will be in the eye and a simple lip helps to stop the make-up looking too much. A very effective look.

Strong lip- This make-up look is about having a strong lip colour and everything else being quite simple. This is all about having a strong lip colour, a bright red, a strong red, a dark purple/red. Make sure that the colour suits you and the colour of your dress. 

 Smoky eyes and a red lip- This make-up look can be different in a number of ways, a more glam look or more of a rock n roll look. Having a light smoky eye look with red lips can give you more of a glam look, my advice is maybe get a bit of your dress colour in your eye make-up if you can. Or instead, a colour that complients the colours of your eyes. To make your eye colour stand out even more. However on the other side of the look is the more edgey look. A dark smoky eye with a red lip. Gives more off an effortless rock n roll make-up look. For the smoky eye and a red lip look, be careful as it may seem you have gone too much and just looks like you have too much make-up on.

Hope all of this has helped you be prepared for your prom, the three key elements for a girl really. Comment below any other ideas or questions. Have fun planning prom! 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What to do on rainy days?

Well if you live in the UK, you will understand when you say rainy days are literally most of the days. It's not like it's big heavy rain, it's just pity rain which never stops. Along with cold temperatures and horrible wind that doesn't help at all. Well here is a few ideas that I have for them rainy days!

1) Pamper days- If you have just got in after being in the rain or a bit stressful, then have a pamper day. Even have some of your friends round, get the mask tasks, classic chick flicks out, ice-cream and nail polishes out. Along with anything else you want and have a good pamper day to relax.

2) Read a book- Maybe have a good old tea (or any hot beverage that you prefer) with a book. This is a perfect way to spend your time and you won't realise how quick time goes by.

3) Have a clear- This is a great opportunity to have a clear out of your cupboards, wardrobe and get rid of anything that you don't need to have. Even have a big house clean while you are at it. 

4) Complete unfinished work- You may have school work, college work or even paperwork that you have tried to delay for some time. This is the time to get it all completed and done, since it's not the good weather to do anything outside and the rain is basically making you stay in and work.

5) Build a boat/raft- The rain never seems to stop and just wants to keep going. If you can't beat it, join it. Build a little boat or a raft maybe? That way, you can actually go outside and have some fun with this weather. 

6) Catch up on TV series or start a new one- You can start a new TV series and watch episodes back to back all day long. Currently, I can't stop watching Masterchef Australia (some reason, it's just 10 times better then the UK one) and may even start to watch Breaking bad. Yes, I haven't seen any of the episodes yet.

7) Have a baking/cooking day- Maybe you like to bake/cook or you may want to start. This is a nice way of spending the day as you have got something to eat at the end and that is always positive. However for me, whatever I make isn't normally eatable as it's burnt.

8) A little bit of online retail therapy- Well, since the weather isn't agreeing with shopping in person. Nothing better then a little bit of shopping online and getting it straight to your house. Nice way of shopping without getting all cold and wet. 

There is a few ideas of what to do when it's raining, hope it helps you spend your days a little bit more productive. Got any other ideas, let me know! I need to think of some new ways of spending my days with this classic British weather. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Year, New Hair?

A few days ago, I have no clue what came over me and I decided to cut all my hair off. Well, not literally all of it but a good 6 inches gone. For me, this is very strange. This has left me with short hair which I'm not very used to at all. 

I avoid my face as I had no make-up on and wanted to save that from you. But the difference is quite a lot, I dyed my hair back dark to make it all back to one color again. The question is, have you got any new hair styles for me? I have no idea what I can do with my short hair as I've pretty much had long hair all the time. I'm thinking of getting one of them floppy black hairs but what else can i do? 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Let It Snow- Book Review

Firstly, Happy New Year! Hope you all the best for 2014 and my goal is to actually blog a bit more since I went through a phrase where I didn't even blog at all. 

Recently, I've been reading and this is one of the books that I have just finished. It's three different types of books from three different authors into one book. The authors are John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. The three different stories all seem to cross over each other which I quite like. What I mean, the location of the stories are all set in the same town and a place that was visited in the first book, is the main location in the second. 

The books are three different romance stories, my favorite one is the first one which is by Maureen Johnson. I was attracted to this book because John Green was one of the authors and now I have two new favorite authors. All the stories are based on Christmas Eve/Christmas day, they are all worth the read. If you got any more recommendations for books, let me know!:D

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Being Grateful!

Hello again. I hope you are all well and recently, i've just realised how lucky I am! I'm British but half my family live in the UK and the other half live in the Philippines. Recently, it's been my birthday, Halloween, bonfire night and everything been good. I've got an education, social life and living a country that doesn't have extreme weather. 

The other, if you are not aware, the Philippines have been having extreme weather: typhoon,earthquake and flooding in just the past few months. Recently, it's been a typhoon that has left thousands of people homeless and the death total is raising. 
Flooding that was a few months ago

This is from the Typhoon that happened over the weekend

This has put me in the biggest reflective mood ever. I've thought I was having the worst weekend because of one little thing but in the long run of everything, my little problem was completely nothing compared to this. I wish I could just fly out their and just help everything in the country. So, to you guys, just consider yourself lucky with everything. Your problems are nothing compared to some people. We are all so lucky and just be happy really because compared to some people across the world, we are living in luxury. Hope you all had a good sunday!In the UK, they were covering the news with headlines of extreme weather warning and it's going to be the worst storm in 50 years. The 'storm' was literally heavy rain, nothing like this! I've got family living here and I have no clue if they are okay or no contact with them as they have no electricity. However, today I had a late happy birthday from one of my cousins, she some how got electricity and just thought of me.