Friday, 19 April 2013

Wavy Hair?

Want to know how to get my wavy hair? it's really simple and a little different from how everyone else does their wavy hair. I always seem to have my hair wavy/curly more then just having it plain odd straight this way, if my hair gets messy from the windy it still looks alright *high five*

please do mind the whole no make-up look

This is my fringe, sweeped to the side a little bit

My full length/front view of my hair

How I do my hair?
1. I normally spray my hair with heat protection and then split my hair into two sections, the top and bottom.
2. I will use a hair curler and curly my hair in inch sections, completely random and then leave them. EVEN WHEN THEY LOOK LIKE A CHINA DOLL TIGHT CURLS, LEAVE THEM!- you will sort them out later. 
3. Do all that for the bottom sections, doing some curls away and towards your face in a random order.
4. Put the top sections down and split that in hair from left and right. 
5. The side without your fringe, i normally curly the same as the bottom but the front bits away from the face for use.
6. The side with the fringe, curl the same as the other side and curl your fringe away from your face. However split it in half, curl the top half away from your face and curl the bottom half away from your face.
7. The fun part!! now brush through your hair with your fingers to loosen all the curls! the curls will parten and create wavy hair.
8. Do a few head flips and shakes to give it the messy hair look and loosen all your hair

I hope this works, tag me in any photos so i can see if it's worked out for you!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Where have I been?

Where has Sheen been?

So on Sunday it was actually sunny! it was actually quite warm in Britain! So guess where I have been, can you tell from the photo below?

So yeah! I spent the first taster off summer in Britain at the beach, with the family we decided to go Rhyl. It's not to far from where I live and it's a tradition off going there at least once a year. We had a great little day out, beautiful weather like this, the clear blue sky. Even though it was windy, it wasn't too bad and help maintained my wavy hair so I'm not complaining too much. Everyone needs to visit here at least once, bring a little picnic or pop in maccies/ fish and chip shops across the road from the beach and eat them on the wall looking over the beach. It has really got me in the summer mood and recommended going there!

What to do there?
Many of you probably want to know what to do there before actually going and be like ermm.. this is naff. 
Shopping- There a range of shops there, high street shops and there little market/ little indoor shopping center
Arcade- Everyone loves the arcade which is literally across the road from beach, best way of getting rid off them pennies at the bottom off your bag
Pool- It's not a massive pool, its a little outdoor pool which isn't very deep. It's really for younger children.
Beach- Get your sand castle making kits ready! The beach is good at Rhyl! Get your sandcastle made, dig a massive hole or even just sunbathe all day. 

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


It's prom time!

For some of us, it's that time off year where you are revising for exams and sorting the last few days of school you actually have left. For me I have about 20 school days left, not like I am counting or anything tehe.

Prom must the only thing that is actually getting me through school, it's keeping me going through the last years and long nights of revision! Getting me excited for something that is coming and powering me through all the exams that will be coming to something that will hopefully be a good night and a little reward for all the work and effort I've put into everything!

Dress. To girls, I know this has got to be the most important thing ever for us at this point. People spend hours finding the right dress for them. I thought I will give you a few little tips to help finding the rest dress for you that tiny bit less stressful and more exciting.

Busty Girls. Girls who seem to have a bigger bust may want their boobs hanging out and showing however some may want to make it more classic and hidden a tiny bit more without squishing them flat down. You may want a dress that has less detailing around that area and even with straps. 
dress from
dress from
Flatter Girls. You are more obviously want this area to look more full, well i do anyways i have this problem. Well I think a dress that has more detailing in this area will help give the illusions off a more fuller. Also may be an a-line dress will be able to complete this or a strapped dress.

dress from
dress from

Where to buy? Knowing what the right dress for you is just one off the problems, another is finding a good place where they sell the dresses that you are looking for. Some good websites that sell some dress that I found to be good are: I was personally surprised at how good there prom dress actually were which are reasonably priced. The dresses are short and long range but the colours are limited.
 a example of a dress from their website, really good style! the pricing is really good, this is about £50. - The dresses from here are really good quality and the colours are light and more pastel. The colours are good but only what is on offer, the pricing is much higher but the styles are a wider range

a dress from, this is a dress I actually put this one on, it's really good quality and very flowy. This is personally my new favourite shop and where I have got my dress from! The dresses are a wider range, different styles, able to change the colour to suit you and custom sizing for free. The dress are a range from short dresses, longer dresses, puffy dresses, simple styled, more detailed dresses. The negative is that it's only an online shop so unable to see what it looks like on you but if you know what type of dress you want, it's fine!.

My Dress
I thought I should share my dress that I will be wearing, this must be the only dress I really loved and I just fell in love with it the moment I've seen it. It's an dress inspired by what Selena Gomez wore on a red carpet, didn't realised until after I've brought the dress. The dress is from It's been customised to my size and was able to change it if I wanted too but decided to keep it the way it was.

So go on girls! Get your dresses or if you still not your prom yet, get looking and start getting excited! Hope you all find the right dress you love! 

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Dreams are meant to be caught!

The other night, I really couldn't get any sleep so I ended up drawing some dream catchers

This got me thinking off dream catchers themselves. They are formally know as something that people believed in to caught their dreams and their nightmares. Your Dreams! Whatever you want to do in life or ever wanted to do, you should do it! Your dreams are meant to be caught and live what you want to do, people can say you can't do certain things, don't believe in them and just prove them wrong. I've always been told I can't do certain things cos I'm not capable myself but yet I am just proving them wrong and currently surprising them all. You can do it too, caught your dreams! Do want you want and be happy! Get your own little dream catcher for your room or something, this can be a little reminder for yourself to get the dreams that you want and do want you want. Don't let anyone prove you wrong, you can do it!

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New Blog!

well hello there? is anyone there?

so this is a new blog? I thought i should give this blogging thing a little go, see if anyone is interested in everything that I'm up, daily life stress of leaving high school, results, new places, travelling and many more. I will update you on the little perks that everyone should have/know about but yet little advices to help you get through whatever. 

Who am i? Sheen! or if you like, call me Boo (apparently, I look like her when i was little?). Starting this blog to record everything that going to be happening, 4 week left off high school and i think this is the point in life where everything starts to get that little bit more interesting! eeek!

Let me know if you have read this and what I should blog posts about, anything is welcome and you're welcome here! 

p.s if there any tips on everything, blogging or the background of my blog:) feel welcome to get me some handy tips, i will be needing them 

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