Tuesday, 27 August 2013

EOS Lip Balm

Hi Guys! So recently one of my friends went on holiday and a little gift they brought back was one of these little EOS lip balms and they are my new favourite little balm now!

The lip calm comes in this plastic red plastic cover which is very smooth. The one I got was Summer Fruits I think it was and it smells so nice! It smells like Robinson's peach juice that you need to add water too. Plus I cant stop licking my lips, it tastes SO good too. This keeps my lip so soft and pretty much lasts all day. This is something I think everyone else should get, it's really good! Perfect to recover from summer chapped lips from the sun and heat. 

Thanks it for now, don't forget to follow for more! 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Twice is better than once?

Hello guys! Recently I've read somewhere that you should shampoo your hair twice! I normally I wouldn't as I thought it would get rid off all my natural oils and dry my hair out much quicker. Therefore I just had to investigate this. 

Using the shampoo I always use (Vo5 Damaged hair shampoo) I washed my hair once. Then I did it again and it was so much bubbly and able to foam the shampoo up so much more. After I got out the shower, my hair seemed so much cleaner and controlled my fizz so much more. Therefore I advice washing your hair twice and then do your normal routine after that like conditioner and all that.

Why does it work? I think it works because from the first wash, it will take all the products from your hair that you put it like heat protection, hair spray, any voluminous products that you put in and also washes your greasy hair that developed at the roots. Meaning on the second wash, it will just wash your hair as the products from your hair has just been washed out. The shampoo foamed up much more and was so much easier to massage into your hair. 

You should try it! It makes such a different, it might work for you too! Make sure you follow me on bloglovin and all that stuff (buttons on the side) Bye for now.