Sunday, 10 November 2013

Being Grateful!

Hello again. I hope you are all well and recently, i've just realised how lucky I am! I'm British but half my family live in the UK and the other half live in the Philippines. Recently, it's been my birthday, Halloween, bonfire night and everything been good. I've got an education, social life and living a country that doesn't have extreme weather. 

The other, if you are not aware, the Philippines have been having extreme weather: typhoon,earthquake and flooding in just the past few months. Recently, it's been a typhoon that has left thousands of people homeless and the death total is raising. 
Flooding that was a few months ago

This is from the Typhoon that happened over the weekend

This has put me in the biggest reflective mood ever. I've thought I was having the worst weekend because of one little thing but in the long run of everything, my little problem was completely nothing compared to this. I wish I could just fly out their and just help everything in the country. So, to you guys, just consider yourself lucky with everything. Your problems are nothing compared to some people. We are all so lucky and just be happy really because compared to some people across the world, we are living in luxury. Hope you all had a good sunday!In the UK, they were covering the news with headlines of extreme weather warning and it's going to be the worst storm in 50 years. The 'storm' was literally heavy rain, nothing like this! I've got family living here and I have no clue if they are okay or no contact with them as they have no electricity. However, today I had a late happy birthday from one of my cousins, she some how got electricity and just thought of me. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

DIY Room Storage

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, i made these little storage pots for my room. I was getting the point where I couldn't stand having my pens and little bits all across my desk therefore I made these colourful pots that I just love. 

What you will need: 
Garden Flower Pots- Cleaned or new ones
Scrap Card
Pain Brush
Acrylic Paints

Step one: Draw round the pot onto some card so you have something for the inside of your pots because mine had little holes where things might of fallen through.

Step two: Cut out the card and place it inside the pot, it doesn't need to be very neat because you won't really see it

Step three: Do a thin layer of white pain over all your pots. My pots were black and brown so doing this just helped the colours stand out a bit more.

Step four: Start paining your pots with your chosen colours. The best method for this was to put a layer on and then leave it to dry. Then put another layer therefore the colours builds up without needing to wait hours for paint to dry.

Step five: After you finished painting with the number of layers that you want; also the paint is completely then you have got your finished pots. Fill them with whatever you want.

One of mine has got my pens and pencils that were just all over my table. Another has my highlighters in, this pot was a bit smaller and fatter therefore it was easier to get them out. Then the other one has just got my make-up in like mascara, eye liner, eye brow pencil, eye lash curlers and a nail file. The little bits that always seem to be harder to find when you are in a rush in the morning.

Hope this has helped you think of a new way to store your stuff. Really fun to make as well if you are just wanting to use your time more productive.