Thursday, 13 March 2014

Before I Go To Sleep- Book Review

Another book down and it's another good one. Recently, I've read Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson, it was a recommendation from my best friend. What a book it is, it's nothing that you will be expecting and the near the end of the story was a complete plot twist. 

The story is about a women who looses her memory after an accident and everyday she can't remember what happened to her or even remember the simplest things about her life like her husband. However, she ends up writing down everything that happens everyday and reads what happens to help figure who she is and what has happened. The story is thrilling and you honestly don't want to put the book down. Throughout the story, I had my suspections of who 'did it' but in the end, it was a complete shock and nothing that I expected. This is honestly a must read and you will thoroughly enjoy reading the book. 

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